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What drives us

The ability to grow virtually any plant, allows My Urban Greenhouse to be used in any agricultural indoor growing system. Founded in 2014, My Urban Greenhouse is located in Beaverton, Oregon.  In addition, My Urban Greenhouse has the goal to both educate others about the benefits and sustainability of Aquaponics/Hydroponics systems by engaging the community, and providing a template for an alternative means of providing healthy, cost effective food in an urban setting. 

The grower in all of us

My Urban Greenhouse's automated hydroponic grow systems include everything needed to make maximized production a snap. By using the flexible settings, these systems are the ideal solution for the whole spectrum of users, from novice all the way to experienced growers. 

All-in-one hydroponic systems​

  • LED Lights (Save up to 70% energy usage)
  • Water and Air Pumps
  • Grow beds and Sump
  • Grow Structure
  • Timers and Controls
  • Nutrients for one full grow cycle

What We Do

My Urban Greenhouse manufactures and develops solutions for sustainable indoor growing systems. By combining innovative lighting and automation technologies with proven hydroponic techniques; we deliver cost effective, automated solutions that save users both time and money.