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What sets us apart?

The SuperCurrent from My Urban Greenhouse is the most superior commercial scale hydroponic grow system available. Many companies claim to be on the leading edge of commercial systems, so you may be asking yourself what sets the SuperCurrent apart from the rest? Unlike traditional Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) systems in the market today that simply rely on pumps to pull water for circulation, the SuperCurrent incorporates a push system that helps maximize both aeration and general circulation of the water. By incorporating a top feed manifold with jet misters into each bucket, the SuperCurrent system pushes the water into each grow bucket using a powerful jet manifold that helps to break up surface water tension, ultimately creating a more stable EC/PPM throughout the system while also increasing aeration.

Features - 

  • Complete system customization (plant count, plant spacing, unique configurations to fit your grow)
  • Complimentary 3D modeling, simply provide us your room dimensions, and we can create a CAD drawing showing the layout prior to purchase
  • Grower support - My Urban Greenhouse provides grower support for life for those growing with our systems
  • Complete top to bottom grow solutions - we have established partnerships with fertigation, HVAC, and insulation specialists to provide a complete solution for your new or existing grows
  • In addition, our line of Industry Leading LED grow lights are the perfect solution to ensure you have the best grow operation possible

SuperCurrent RDWC 

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