What's included

  • 13 gallon Header bucket(s)
  • 8 gallon planter buckets
  • Lids for all buckets
  • 5.5"  Heavy duty net pots
  • Water pump
  • Top feed water jet manifold
  • Air pump & air stone(s)
  • 2" Drain Line
  • All plumbing and connectors


SuperCurrent hydro systems - Visit our Online Store to purchase today

For those medical and personal growers simply looking for a standalone hydroponic system, My Urban Greenhouse offers 4, 6, 12, or 16 plant standard configurations of our SuperCurrent hydroponic system.  These systems are modular and can be fully customized to fit any footprint or plant count.  Call us anytime to discuss your custom layout!

SuperCurrent Hydro Systems

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